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Application specific, useful hand tools with modelers in mind.  

While no means the only tool marketer in this business, RJR Cool Tools.com, unlike others, actually uses the products we present to you on this website. While Wiha, BondhusVessel Tools,  Moody, OlfaKnipex, Irwin  and others have a multitude of products available to the market in general (Wiha alone has a 232 page catalog)- our observation here at RJR Cool Tools.com is that only a few of the many line items possible are actually useful to us as modelers! Our goal is to strive to offer the most useful and best tools that have been put through their paces by other modelers and present them in an honest, forthright manner with plenty of detail on design, construction and their associated usage. We also provide an avenue for feedback from our customers as well, which we can report back to you. We strongly support our local hobby shop, but more often than not, the hobby shop that has an excellent stock of engines, motors, kits and accessories falls way short in the tool department! Let's face it, most hobby wholesalers/retailers do not have a large selection of high quality tools for this industry. For the hobby retailer, there are only so many hours in the day to think about what tools to carry, which are the most useful and how many of each to bring in stock. That's where RJR Cool Tools.com comes in: We have stock, have a fair price and are very easy to deal with. Try us out, you'll see!

We carry all the lines we sell as a wholesale distributor in good standing. Why, you might ask, do we have lines that seem to compete with each other? Actually, we really don't, at least technically. There are some things that some of these lines are really good at and some things that they really aren't - at least for our hobby. For instance, Moody and Vessel Tools are the only lines that recognize, and has tools for, the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) a standard very prevalent in assembled goods from the Pacific Rim. Other toolmakers do not know what this standard is and they really don't want to market tools for it. But you, Moody Tools and Vessel Tools do know this standard, if you have ever had a problem with JIS cross slotted fasteners not fitting Phillips drivers...

Bondhus has proven themselves as a true innovator in the hex driver market.  This is something that Moody and Wiha both do as well, but Moody has smaller handles than Bondhus and Wiha. Smaller handles facilitate getting into tighter spots, but you sacrifice torque. You get the idea here.

Each product page has a brief synopsis of what and who the tool line is, what market they serve primarily, where they are made and distributed from and what applications they are well known for. Who, what, where, why?  Sounds like journalism, right? It is meant to be just like journalism. The hobby business is a small business and everybody talks about his or her experiences. Word of mouth means everything. That's why we offer a no hassle warranty - even if the manufacturer doesn't necessarily offer the same. There are no minimum order quantities on our site!  We want to keep you as a customer for a very long time - with your permission, of course! 

*A $5.00 flat rate shipping charge is applied for orders to ship to addresses in the United States and a $8.00 shipping charge is applied for all orders outside of the United States.  Standard fare for shipping is via United States Postal Service - either 1st class or Priority Mail Service based on weight.  All Others quoted shipping at Cost!  However, during your order, you may specify your UPS or FED EX collect # and we will process accordingly.  Drop us a line; we'll ship on your FedEx, UPS or DHL # at no extra charge.  Shipping charges also apply under the following circumstances:  The customer specifies delivery options other than US Mail.  Under "Other Tools" you may purchase Priority Mail - It's under "Special Shipping Charges." 

**Return Policy.  Defects and flaws in materials are absolutely covered!  Typically, we need the product back to submit claims to the manufacturer, but all claims start here at www.RJRCoolTools.com.  We cannot refund any shipping charges that applied.  Did the product not fit, or is no longer wanted?  Please drop us a line as these situations are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Please keep in mind that we are a small web-based company. Any commercial terms, applications or other arrangments must be based solely on a case-by-case basis. As this website is based on a very accurate representation of product, and, this being the case; any orders placed, paid for and filled accurately by RJRCoolTools.com will be considered closed transactions. Barring errors on our part, each order will be fulfilled as the original order is placed. We cannot be responsible for mistakes and errors after the order is placed!

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