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FoamWerks™ Tools    

After much searching for a performance-oriented and simple foam board cutter line, we came across Logan Graphic Products, Inc.'s FoamWerks™  Tools!  They are fantastic for foamy airplane construction - or any foam board construction project you have!  We have them all, including the blades!  These high quality tools use proprietary blades, but for good reason.  For clean square or beveled cuts these tools are the way to go!  For 45 Degree bevels for flight surfaces?  Try the bevel tool.  For nice circles for lightening?  Check out the circle cutting tools!

Staight, Beveling & Freehand Cutting Tools – Straight, Bevelling & Freehand Cutting Tools for standard foam board construction.


Hole & Circle Cutting Tools – Hole & Circle Cutting Tools. For lightening or access holes in foam board.


Accessories & Replacement Blades – Accessories & Replacement Blades for All FoamWerks™ Tools!

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