Gaskin* Softbore Cutters – Brian Gaskin has made his softbore cutters for a long time in Kent, England. Difficult to get in the United States in an economical manner, Brian and have worked out a licensing agreement where manufacturing will commence in the United States. The fun part has been lining up vendors; there are parts of these tools that are just too big for a Sherline! The Tube portion of the cutter is, in fact made on a Sherline, and 100% tested. Once the 6061 T6 Mandrel is mated to this tube, you now have a tool capable of a very long life with virtually unlimited resharpening potential: There will be no secrets, we'll even tell you how! These cutters are absolutely fantastic for cutting perfect, round holes in balsa, foam and other soft materials. People have asked that we might include a center drill. We've found that one is really not needed - the tools are perfectly concentric and when using a hand drill, simply cocking the tool to an angle to start the hole is all that is required. Once the tool bites, bring it to a perpendicular position and drill through. NOT FAST, mind you, but consistently. You'll find the tool does a little burnishing on the way down as well! A nice clean hole through the workpiece with no ripping is the only way to fly when cutting lightening, wiring and access holes in your project! The holes you see here were generated by spinning the tool and feeding the sheet of balsa, by hand, into the cut. You may look at these tools and say, "they're just sharpened brass tubes!" Well, sort of. There is a hole through the mandrel with which to push cores out of the cutter and a shank suitable for mounting in a drill press or hand drill. The point is that all the work is done - just use them like a twist drill! These cutters are now available and ready to ship! Sets only available at the moment! Any ply has been tested and found to be a "no-no" for these tools. If you want a nice (relatively) clean hole in ply, see your local hardware store for some Forstner bits - a definate solution for lite-ply, etc. You should bring your wallet, they are very pricey though! Sizes we are producing will include 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" Diameters, 3.0" Long with 3/8" Mandrels for use in drill presses and power drills.

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