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Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Screwdrivers!

A little known, but 'troublesome' standard, the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS for short) is a Pacific Rim phenomenon.  You can never tell where you will find it now - it's everywhere.  But start with the Pacific Rim:  anything of Asian origin is almost certainly going to include it.  The symptom of the problem is when your standard Phillips screwdriver 'hangs up,' and doesn't feel quite right.  The Phillips driver won't go into the JIS Screw all the way because the corner radius of the screw is smaller than that of the Phillips scredriver!  This is the primary cause of what we know as 'cam-out.' 

Oddly enough, the Phillips standard was created to allow this condition so that you knew you had reaced maximum torque!

We carry two major brands of JIS Screwdrivers in a variety of formats.  Moody Tools, Inc. is Made in Rhode Island.  Vessel Tools are made in Japan.  We have Moody Tools and Vessel listed separately as well, but this section just concentrates on JIS...

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