Mascot Tools for hobby from Free Shipping! Mascot Tools are outstanding! Pin Vises, workholding, knives, files, reamers, wheel pullers and gear pullers.

Mascot Tools

Mascot Tools (Grobet USA) is well known in the jewelry, industrial and hobby trades.  Their prices are excellent and the quality is at par or better than most import tools.  Grobet has mastered the art of finding the right source for the tool(s) in question.  Their pin reamers are made in France.  Scalpel blades are made in England.  Mascot is the hobby brand under the Grobet umbrella.  These tools are a great value for the money!


Pin Vises & Workholding – Mascot makes the slickest workholding - a.k.a. 3rd hand - devices known to man. When we're at trade shows, they are the first sellers for your typical retailer never has them in stock! Packaged neatly in a white cardboard box, the fit and finish of these handy items is first rate! We also carry a few Mascot pin vises - some that are just too handy to pass up!


Knives, Files & Reamers – Mascot is the most competitive source for scalpels - we carry them here! They are also well known for their rasp files and miniature reamers.


Wheel & Gear Pullers – Absolutely useless tools - until you run into a shaft with a collar or gear on it that you must not destroy or damage when you remove it. Then these tools are the priceless and the only way to do the job at hand! Meant for light-duty only, this puller is good for just about any small pulley, collar, sleeve or gear you could run into. A must have!

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