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Known primarily in the R/C Car and Buggy side of the business, Moore's Ideal Products (MIP) is well known for their aftermarket 'Hop-Ups' and upgrades.  They also manufacture a formidable line of hex driver tools known as "Thorp" Tools.  A man named John Thorp created tools of this type for hex fastener driving and was well known for his ball end hex drivers.  He may well have been the first to manufacture such a tool; we at are not sure.  At any rate, using high end materials, Mr. Thorp ground the hex form on to the end of an M2 (High Speed Steel) drill blank (no mean feat).  This provided a level of accuracy to form that was 'spot-on,' and made for a better hex driver that would last longer and fit the fastener better - a real win-win for those trying to drive hex fasteners!  To be exact, the tolerances that MIP holds are twice as tight as a standard hex driver - typically stated in the current Machinist's Handbook.

The main benefit with these tools is this.  If you want to really tighten a set screw or fastener, this IS the tool.  Conversely, if you want to get something loose...  this IS the tool as well...

MIP worked out an agreement with Mr. Thorp and offer two formats of this outstanding design.  Featuring straight and ball hex (in some sizes) there is the original Thorp Driver with a molded handle and the new Speed TipDesign, featuring a 1/4 Hex back end for use with your existing 1/4 hex driver (see our Wiha selection of handles!).

Speed Tip™ Hex Drivers – Moore's Ideal Products Speed Tip™ Hex Drivers. NEW!!! MIP has created a Thorp driver with a 1/4" Drive back end. Use your existing 1/4" hex or bit driver to use the venerable Thorp hex tool! See our Wiha section "Wiha Torque Tools, 1/4" Bits & 1/4" Driver Handles" for 1/4 Bit Driver handles! You'll never use those aluminum handles from the competition again after using a good 1/4" bit driver handle! Tools can be re-ground - just make arrangements with or MIP!


Thorp Hex Drivers – Moore's Ideal Products (MIP) Thorp Hex Drivers. The originals! Featuring a serrated plastic yellow handle that is easy on the hand, these permanently molded handles are easy to spot and hard to misplace! Tools can be re-ground - just make arrangements with or MIP!

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