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Vessel Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Screwdrivers!

WE NOW HAVE STOCK on Larger Handles! 

New Vessel DIN 5260 (JIS-Type) 1/4" Bits are IN!  Ready to Ship!


We've been asked many times for the JIS Standard screwdriver with bigger, 'grippier' handles.  We've also been asked for 1/4" Drive JIS Phillips Bits!  These tools are the answer.  With a larger handle, you no longer have to be an individual with the grip of a windsurfer to drive JIS Screws properly.  Vessel has a lifetime warranty through, and the tools are made in Japan, where the JIS standard was created.  Important:  Vessel is making the 1/4" drive bits we carry to DIN Standard #5260.  They are NOT true JIS per se.  However, we have tested them extensively here and have determined that due to the tight corner radius on these bits (a key ingredient differentiating JIS from Phillips standards), they fit JIS fasteners that you will encounter perfectly.  Vessel as a company has a large variety of tools for the electronics industry - but these #610/620/630 rubber handles were deemed best for the R/C Industry.  Try them with glow fuel on your hands!  We've used them here for quite some time, and they are outstanding.  In addition to the high quality rubber handle, there are a great variety of lengths as well - much, much longer than we have elsewhere!  Available in #1, #0 and #00 JIS sizes only.  For the smaller sizes (#000) and smaller spaces in which to fit, go to Moody Tools (See Left).  The bits are of an excellent tool steel, commercial grade construction and will hold up for years!

Vessel #610/620/630 JIS Drivers – There are multitudes of the 600 series JIS Standard rubber handled drivers now in stock from Vessel. We have put them all into an economical all-in-one set to suit! After much public comment, our search for a unique, strong and grippy handle has come to pass. We even carry #2 sizes! We welcome Vessel Tools to!


Vessel 1/4" Drive DIN 5260 (JIS-Type) Phillips Bits – 1/4" (6,35mm) Standard Drive. Made to DIN 5260 Standards, they fit JIS fasteners perfectly! Tool Steel Construction. Hardened and Ground with a fine finish. Clearly marked for sizing. Shank Diameter matches closely with sizing. These tools have been chosen from Vessel to's exacting standards needed in the RC community! Using one of our Wiha handles, or even your own, you are in good hands with this bit set!

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